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Get an outline of your Road Trip. De l’Allemagne à l’Italie, en passant par l'Écosse et l'Islande, les idées de road-trips ne manquent pas en Europe. Once you know your destination and length of tour, then you can begin to work out what you're going to pack. How To Plan A Motorcycle Trip. Accueil; Nos Motos : 50cc et gros cubes; Nos voyages en Europe; Facebook; Contact; Nos voyages en France et en Europe. Bookmark us — more great routes coming soon! MyDrive; Road Trips. Related: Our Motorcycle Road Trip to Cameron Highlands; All in all the 3 of us truly enjoyed our motorcycle road trip to Betong, the small city in Thailand with many record holding attractions and great food as well as cool weather. It can also – occasionally – become a bit of a frustrating and stressful challenge. Change the language to English and the country to United States. On taille la route sur des motos allant du 50cm3 au gros cube... avec les galères mécaniques qui vont parfois... Ma tribu à moto. Motorcycles and road trips go hand-in-hand. With a few clicks and you will have a general idea of your Highway 66 road trip: See our One Week Route 66 Road Trip Itinerary. Whichever way you choose, are there any interesting places en route that you'd want to stop off at? Six easy steps to see the world Motorcycle Road Trip! Buyers Guide. A few tips to make your next motorcycle adventure seamless. Purchase securely online with Shipping: $5.00 Standard Ground Transportation Order by Phone: 734-934-4655 Won't Spill or Slip The long It’s always a good idea to carry a basic toolkit for any roadside fixes, but remember to double check you have the correct tools for your bike. Road trip planning made easier. Notre continent est tellement riche et les paysages si variés. Introducing Triumph’s first electric bicycle, Triumph introduces a whole new generation of motorcycle connectivity. Do the above a week or two before you're due to leave, so if you do spot a problem area then you'll have time to get it sorted. ), and then any 'civilian' clothes you'll want for blending in among normal people, like for well-earned refreshments at the end of the riding day. Bryn Davies 1st January 2018 Articles Blog Inspire Me Routes. Slideshow . Here are four roads in America that beg to be explored from the seat of a motorcycle. For example, many riders who find themselves cruising the M6, M1, A5, or M69 in the East Midlands take a slight detour and build in a break at Triumph Motorcycles' Factory Visitor Experience to see Triumph's highly-acclaimed free motorcycle exhibition and (if they've pre-booked online in advance) take the £15 Factory Tour as well, then enjoy a coffee and a panini before continuing their journey an hour or two later. Powered By Triumph. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. A motorcycle road trip can be one of the most relaxing and wonderful experiences that life has to offer. Although it has been decommissioned, this is still one of the most well-known and popular routes across America, with many songs written with its inspiration. 18:05. Si vous avez déjà un tel compte, connectez-vous maintenant. It can also – occasionally – become a bit of a frustrating and stressful challenge. Essayez cette fonctionnalité gratuitement avec un abonnement d'essai MyRouteYou Plus. (Take the Wheel!) A motorcycle road trip of a lifetime, this one is for the highly experienced, with bumpy gravel roads, turns and twists, as well as a good possibility of rain and even snow on the way to Prudhoe Bay, passing national parks like Denali and the Gates of the Arctic. Jérémy Blanc Tailleur 17,236 views. Buying what you need on the road is the easiest, most stress-free way to take a road trip on a bike. Most of us, however, prefer to put a little more time into planning a motorcycle trip before we leave. After all, free time is a precious commodity, and therefore it makes sense to do as much as we can to make the most of our time in the saddle. When you travel with Viktorianz, we eliminate many of the downsides to road trips by becoming your motorcycle road trip planner – we handle everything, from the route and attractions to accommodation and meals. Gps; Gps Moto; GPS pour scooter; Gps Camion; Informations légales. We even haul most of your luggage for you, so you don’t have to worry about packing light. We will definitely return here again given the chance but I already sold off my beloved BMW GS Adventure bike. Route 66 Road Trip. ROADTRIP. The Pacific Coast Highway stretches from Oregon to California and with it brings an array of different environments that you can only find in the US. AAA TripTik helps you plan road trips to millions of destinations and now includes easy access to your favorite National Park! A lot depends on what you want from your road trip. Use saddlebags or bungee cords to hold/secure your belongings. This site is available in your language and country. Planificateur d'itinéraires à moto et en voiture. To find out more about the cookies we use and how to change your cookie settings please go to privacy & cookies. You probably want to buy an aftermarket seat, and you might even want to consider a back rest. Enter where you want to start and finish your road trip, and then discover the coolest “off the beaten path” places along the way. The drives are every bit as awesome as you can ever imagine. 1. Pizzariello 31,378 views. To find out more about the cookies we use and how to change your cookie settings please go to privacy & cookies. Being such a large country there is almost every kind of riding imaginable— from the twisty mountain passes of the Rocky Mountains to the flat grasslands of Oklahoma, from the curvy Pacific … We have put together a 1-Week Route 66 Road Trip Itinerary from Chicago to Santa Monica. Les 19 Road-trips incroyables qu'il faut absolument faire à moto. Amazon Price New from Used from Board book, Illustrated, 1 May 2018 "Please retry" £6.84 . Download and ride this epic 5,024 kilometre road trip through Norway and Sweden, curving up Norway's incredible coastline, crossing the famous Atlantic Ocean Road, and skipping between the beautiful Lofoten Islands Motorcycle Diaries: Your motorcycle route planner Other maps websites show you the quickest and most boring route between two points. » Itinéraire à moto. » Itinéraires à moto et en voiture ROADTRIP. The only way to fully enjoy your ride with maximum confidence is to give your bike a full health check before your motorcycle road trip. It takes you from palaces to Michelin-starred restaurants, riding an exceptional motorcycle. " A fuel stop is often a good excuse for a comfort break; but you can build in additional stops for simply stretching your legs, refreshments, or take in a local tourist hotspot. Exclusive Engine Supplier. - Duration: 13:58. And remember, if you're not going to service your bike then the above is the minimum amount of inspection you should be making before your trip. Change the language to English and the country to United States. Check out some of our signature road trips to these National Parks! Top packing tip: pack the heaviest gear at the bottom of whatever luggage you use, to keep your centre of gravity as low as possible. And if you think a motorcycle road trip isn't really a road trip unless you sleep under canvas every night, then you'll have to plot your route to run fairly near camping sites (and then pre-book a place to avoid disappointment). We will be happy to welcome our friends from the press and all bikers interested in our 5 ALL INCLUSIVE tours open this year and starting in May. And what should you consider? Triumph Motorcycles use cookies on this website to provide the best experience possible. If you're able to stay with various friends all along the way then your route planner will write itself. The perfect stretch of smooth tarmac, biker-friendly stops and the incredible vistas make riding on the road an adventure of a lifetime. … If you’re a seasoned motorcyclist, you’ll love nothing better than a road trip on the open road ahead. Retrouvez toutes les pages de ! BLACK HILLS ROAD TRIP. If you have a destination in mind, then great, but do you want to go straight there and back, or are there potential scenic routes worth exploring? How to plan a motorcycle trip. Share your trip with family and friends, print out your itinerary, send your route to your mobile device or export to GPS. By doing this, you can fully embody the spirit of exploration and travel. It’s very important to check your tires before you take off. Of course, value hotel chains and independent bed & breakfast accommodation are fairly cheap, clean and commonplace pretty much wherever you go, but you should always book in advance, again to avoid disappointment. If you’re going to take a stock motorcycle on a road trip, getting your seating and riding position right is going to be incredibly important. The Motorcycle Drink Thing A highly efficient motorcycle cup holder that won’t spill, is compact, and has been thoroughly road tested. Essai Tuono V4 Ca Tourne Mal ! Perhaps the most famous road trip of all that boasts 1700 miles of freedom. If necessary, adjust suspension and tire pressure. Personal preference will dictate your plans for bedding down each evening. Board book – Illustrated, 1 May 2018 by Stanley Strickland (Author) 4.7 out of 5 stars 147 ratings. A motorcycle road trip can be one of the most relaxing and wonderful experiences that life has to offer. » Planificateur d'itinéraires à moto et en voiture Not only do bikes offer an exhilarating sense of freedom and adventure, they also allow you to experience nature in a way that can’t be matched by car. Road Trip Planner Try fully opening up an old-fashioned paper map on the floor for destination ideas, or Google 'motorcycle routes in (whatever county you live in or near)' for lots of suggestions. It sounds obvious, but it helps immensely to have even a rough idea of where you're headed; and yet 'the destination' is often the most difficult decision in the first place. The Dynaplug Pro Tubeless Tire Repair Kit ($59.99 and up) allows you to … It goes without saying that you really don't want to risk a breakdown while you're away. Si vous avez déjà un tel compte, connectez-vous maintenant. Top up your oil, coolant and brake fluid where necessary, then check that the suspension is as you want it, and the chain has the requisite amount of give (and no more). 2 / 8. Finally, make sure that your bike's stand is fully functional and springs back correctly. What to Pack for a Motorcycle Trip Posted On: Oct 17, 2018. Save on tailored accessory packs Inspired by Triumph, Designed, engineered, and tested by Triumph, Introducing the new generation of motorcycle connectivity, A convenient safeguard against unexpected repairs, An incredible motorcycle journey that began in 1902. Home. Mechanical checks. Latest. Our blog article “Pack the perfect pannier” will give you a few more ideas. In conclusion, these are only some of the many useful things that you should never forget while planning a motorcycle road trip. Learn more. Give yourself the best possible chance of enjoying the best possible experience with just a little bit of prior planning. Creating a motorcycle route planner is a well-established starting point when considering a motorcycle trip, but what do you start with? I was able to rent a Harley online before arriving in Canada, picking out a black 2013 Street Glide I nicknamed “Black Betty”. Road trip, voyages et aventures en Europe d'une famille de motards avec 3 enfants. It’s important to understand that safety and comfort should always come first. Long-haul road trips often require continuous maintenance—tires wear out, parts rattle loose, and oil may need to be refilled. Tire pressure gauge. Planificateur de parcours. After that it's nice to have a couple of clothing options that allow you to layer up in case of cold weather (is there anything worse than riding while too cold? Ultimate Coast to Coast Road Motorcycle Road Trip in the U.S.A, By Overlanding is a type of adventure travel that emphasizes the journey rather than the destination. March 2, 2018. The more practice you have on your bike, the more of an accomplished rider you’ll become. Top 10 ultimate motorcycle road trips in the USA. Discovering America on a motorcycle is a dream of every rider. SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND ROAD TRIP 229.4 miles: 5 hours, 19 minutes. Cliquez ici pour cacher ce message. One major rookie mistake is to stretch the length of visits between petrol stations. Bicol is about 437 kms away from Metro Manila, and will take you about 10 – 12 hours depending on your pace. Leg 1: Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia – Deals Gap, North Carolina – Leg 1 Length – 770 Miles. Born survivor. If you're nipping up and down the A1 then don't worry too much, but if you're rolling through twisties in the Scottish Highlands then you might want to fill up whenever you get the opportunity. Weather providing; motorbike road trips are a great way to get to know your machine better and become skilled in various conditions and situations. View All Road Trips. Someone might make fun of you for using a back rest on your bike, but who cares? With so many great landscapes to explore, riding motorcycles in the United States of America is incredibly fascinating and enjoyable. Plus belles routes côtières; Parcours historiques d'exception; Plus belles routes de montagne; Plus beaux parcours à travers bois et forêts; Virées les plus incroyables; Gps. On paper it might seem more efficient to minimise the number of fuel stops, but it only takes one slight diversion, or a getting lost episode, or even some big impassable traffic jam, and your refuelling options can quickly look a bit bleak. Veuillez activer JavaScript ou mettre à jour votre navigateur. Possibly one of the most iconic roads of America, Route 66 covers nearly 2500 miles (or nearly 4000km) and runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. FRANCE MOTO ROAD TRIP, the only organizer of all-inclusive motorcycle tours in France participates in ITB, the World Tourism Fair in Berlin. You'll need your touring suit and full-face helmet, of course, to help defend against whatever the road throws up at you as well as whatever the weather throws down at you. 169 miles: 5 hours. You can use it as a starting point for planning your own road trip. The Manila to Bicol route passing the Asian Highway 26 (AH26) (also known as the Pan-Philippine Highway or Maharlika Highway) is a major road trip route. RouteYou If your motorcycle runs tubeless tires, a good flat repair kit can get you back on the road in no time. If that's not possible then at the very least do visual checks on your tyres, clutch & brake cables, and all your lights. Florida: Naples to Key West–200 miles By Byron Wilson. Part of planning well for a motorcycle road trip is leaving things out rather than packing them all in. At 1600 cc’s, she is a beast. … Some motorcycles require metric tools while others use imperial sizes. Your options depend on where you're touring. ROADTRIP. A new year means new adventures, and to get you off on the right foot we’ve teamed up with Bennetts, the motorcycle insurance specialist, to provide you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to make your adventures this year the best yet. Plan du site Triumph Motorcycles' Factory Visitor Experience. Don’t forget to check the bike’s cargo weight limits. This great Motorcycle road trip is a coast to coast masterpiece as it includes a mix of the most highly regarded motorcycle routes out there! If you continue you consent to this. Give yourself the best possible chance of enjoying the best possible experience with just a little bit of prior planning. You may choose to change your cookie settings. JavaScript est nécessaire pour cette fonctionnalité, mais il est désactivé ou non supporté par votre navigateur. 1 / 8. The motorcycle road trip began in Calgary. More News. RouteYou » Itinéraires à moto et en voiture » Planificateur d'itinéraires à moto et en voiture » Itinéraire à moto Essayez cette fonctionnalité gratuitement avec un abonnement d'essai MyRouteYou Plus. We also handle the nitty gritty, like parking and motorbike maintenance. Hall 1.1 Europe, Pavilion 201 France. Planifiez votre itinéraire à moto et en voiture: Itinéraire à moto. Plan your next road trip route with Roadtrippers. And if you're using panniers or saddle bags then it'll help with on-road handling if you can distribute the weight equally on either side. If it makes you more comfortable, it’s worth it. We probably all know someone whose idea of the perfect motorcycle road trip is to chuck a change of clothes into a rucksack, then ride off and decide whether to turn left or right only when they get to the end of their road. If you're so inclined, put your bike in for an interim service. Give Your Bike a Checkup Img source: How To Plan A Successful Motorcycle Trip. 7 tips to inspire you to ride the world Discover the unique HYPER LUXE motorcycle trip proposed in France. How long are you going for? A weekend motorcycle trip is probably going to come in at a lower total mileage with fewer sightseeing options than a 7-day tour, and that will of course affect the number of directions and routes you can explore. Découvrez le top 19 des plus beaux road-trips en Europe. To fully reap the benefits of traveling on a motorcycle road trip, trying combining the routed route trip plan with Overlanding. January 25, 2019. March 7 - 11. Articles. Road Trip Moto - Ardèche - 2018 - Duration: 18:05.

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